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    GST Ubiquitin Mutant K48R

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    UBM-GK48R 1mg ¥650 現貨
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    Product Description
            Mutation of lysine 48 to arginine renders GST ubiquitin (Ub) unable to form poly‐Ub chains via lysine 48 linkages
    with other Ub molecules. Ub GK48R with an N‐terminal GST‐tag (glutathione S‐transferase). GST‐Ub allows
    for glutathione affinity purification of ubiquitinated molecules and allows for immuno‐ detection of conjugates
    using GST antibodies. Ub GK48R can form an E1‐catalyzed active thioester at the C‐terminus allowing the
    molecule to be transferred to the lysines of substrate proteins (monoubiquitination). Ideal for the reduction in
    poly‐Ub chain length/conjugation rates and determining if poly‐Ub chains are K48 linked.
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