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    E2Select Ubiquitin Conjugation Kit

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    UBK-982 Kit ¥3280 現貨
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    E2Select Ubiquitin Conjugation Kit
    This kit contains reagents sufficient to perform 2 Ubiquitination reactions for each E2 included in the kit. The E2Select kit was designed for the purpose of quickly screening a panel of E2 enzymes to identify which ones facilitate the Ubiquitination of proteins by an E3 ligase or Auto-Ubiquitination of the E3 ligase itself. Only the E3 of interest and a substrate (if testing one) need be provided by the user. In addition to the 26 E2 enzymes provided in duplicate wells on a 96 well plate, E1 enzyme, Ubiquitin, and ATP are provided. The reaction products may be analyzed by SDS-PAGE analysis or Western blotting using antibodies specific to the E3 Ligase or substrate of interest.

    Coomassie analysis of E2Select Kit E2s demonstrating their activity by
    thioester assay.